We aim to please our clients by catering to their needs as much as we can, by talking to the
customer we can really get to know them and build relationships with them helping us tailor their
experience to the picture they are envisioning. The above picture is a wedding that was
originally canceled by covid, unfortunately they couldn’t use their original venue so we came out
to them as per their request and decorated their garden while they were at the wedding
ceremony. The big round table was set up as the head table for the newlyweds and their family
members, and there was a lantern pathway leading up to the table with the wedding cake.
Hanging lanterns in the trees with flameless candles were said to look ‘enchanting’ in the dark
and ‘like a fairytale’. They were lovely clients to work with and we were so glad that we could
help them still achieve their dream and have a wonderful day through such a time of