The popularity of a wedding in late spring actually comes from ancient times. A long list of practicality, old wives’ tales, and even hygiene make June the marrying month.

  1. The month of June is named after the goddess Juno, who is associated with fertility and vitality.
  2. In the middle-ages people only bathed a few times a year – and peasants only bathed once a year in late spring. This made June the best time to wed so that everyone smelled their best for the special day.
  3. The availability of fresh flowers was a factor in ancient times. The best floral selection was only found in late spring making it an optimal time to get married. Plus, flowers were important to mask any unhygienic odors.
  4. June has some of the best weather, which was important when traveling by horse-drawn buggy.
  5. The bride would (hopefully) be newly pregnant in summer and still able to help with any manual work. Then after a spring birth, she would be able to help again in the summer and harvest in the fall.
  6. Being able to have a baby in spring was thought to give a newborn a better chance at survival.
  7. An old wives’ tale says that if you marry in June, you will be blessed with a lifetime of happiness and prosperity.
  8. The word honeymoon refers to the first full moon in June after the summer solstice. Couples were expected to enjoy their new wedded bliss toward the end of that month.

Whether you get married in June or January, you will undoubtedly have a wonderful day regardless of this folklore. But if you are a traditionalist at heart and have always longed to be a June bride, you now know why it’s such a popular time for nuptials and newlyweds.

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